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Pediatrics and Pregnancy Care in Lachine

Children and adults alike feel relaxed and comfortable in Dr. Eve’s practice. With 22 years of experience,  Dr. Eve understands how to help improve the health of expecting mothers and children of all ages.

Regular Checks for a Healthier Childhood

Birth is an intense experience for both mom and baby. The delivery process can create spinal misalignments that can lead to problems down the road such as colic, breastfeeding issues and more. Not all children need chiropractic care, but they should be checked to make sure their spine and nervous system are functioning well.

Lachine Chiropractic adjustment

Children love getting adjusted!

Children will fall countless times by age 5. Just like going to the dentist to check their oral hygiene, Dr. Eve can see them regularly to examine their spinal health. Rather than waiting until your child experiences pain or injury, you can start care before these problems have a chance to occur. You may find that both parents and children can be healthier and happier with regular chiropractic checks.

A Wonderful Experience for All Ages

All ages of children enjoy visiting Dr. Eve’s clinic. Parents are impressed by how well their children cooperate during the examination and regular visits. It’s a fun experience for them, and they can pick a prize from our surprise box at the end. Dr. Eve loves seeing her young patients come in for appointments, and they look forward to their visits!
Gentle manual techniques or instrument-based adjustments are used adapted to your baby or child’s needs.

Happy Mom, Happy Baby

Pregnant moms face a variety of concerns through each trimester, from aches and pains to breech presentation. Light-force, comfortable techniques may reduce labor time and make for an easier delivery.

Dr. Eve is trained and certified in the Webster Technique, which may help ensure the baby is in the proper position for delivery. Your chances of a natural delivery may increase with chiropractic care as it allows the body to adapt better to the physiological changes that pregnancy brings and allows for the baby’s proper development.

Schedule a convenient appointment today. Get started on improving the health of your entire family!

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