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Innovative approach to family health-care

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Lachine Chiropractor Personalizes Your Care

Dre. Ève Laferrière chiropraticienne D.C. Welcomes You!

It’s the unwavering goal of Dre. Ève Laferrière chiropraticienne D.C. to provide customized chiropractic care to each of our patients in a relaxed, friendly environment. With 14 years of experience, Lachine chiropractor Dr Eve Laferrière offers a broad range of gentle and effective chiropractic techniques. Many of her patients are mothers who bring their families in for natural wellness care. Dr. Eve is highly trained to help your entire family enjoy a lifetime of excellent health. From providing care to infants and pregnant moms, we can address the health care needs of all ages and conditions.

Thoroughly Evaluating Your Health

After a thorough examination, Dr. Eve can determine the most appropriate course of care for your specific diagnosis. Personalized programs ensure that you get exactly the care and attention you need. Dr. Eve spends her time with each patient to listen carefully and understand their health goals, tailoring a program to be sure their objectives are met.

Preventing Future Problems From Occurring

Prevention is the key to expressing optimal health, so our focus is on fostering overall well-being rather than simply relieving pain. Dr. Eve offers a holistic approach to health that involves combining chiropractic care with therapeutic exercises and lifestyle recommendations, boosting your overall well-being. Your program of care will change and adapt as you progress so that your evolving needs are addressed at every visit. Optimize your health starting today! Contact Dre. Ève Laferrière chiropraticienne D.C. to book your time. Convenient Saturday appointments and free parking are available.

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